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See Lumis spin

About Lumis

Lumis believes that the art of music is alive and thriving.  Born in Minneapolis and raised in San Diego, he has been playing records since he was old enough to say "turntables."  As co-founder of Sweet New Style Productions, he threw wild & crazy parties all over California (from Diego to the Bay, yo!).  In 2001, Lumis captured the attention of Industrial-Pop sensation Meg Lee Chin and joined her band, the Meg Lee Chin Experience.   After a move to Los Angeles, a few years and a national tour with The Experience, and a guest appearance on the 2002 Pigface album "Easy Listening..." (Meg's mates on Ministry mastermind Martin Atkins' label), Lumis felt it was time to get serious about the music game.  Following numerous collaborations with some of the finest up-and-coming artists in the local scene, he settled into his weekly residencies spinning records at famed LA clubs The Gig on Melrose, The Room in Hollywood, and later, Floyd's Barbershop.  He also co-hosted the Beat Battle at REHAB Records' MicRAPhone Fiend twice a month.

Lumis worked with Victory Vampeal on Vic's underground hip-hop project White Rabbit.  The two released a record entitled "17 Violations" which can be found on record store shelves & in used bins everywhere.  From there, Lumis lent his talents to big-beat electro-popsters Shotgun Radio, laying scratches on their debut album "The Deserted Circus" (available in stores and on iTunes).  In early 2006, Lumis put out the mixtape CD "Where the Shadows Run" and remastered/re-released his 1999 mixtape CD "A Downtempo Daydream." In late 2006, Lu released his first solo record, "Hypothetical Questions and Rhetorical Conversations," a self-produced album of original instrumental tunes and carefully selected samples swimming in a sea of experimental trip-hop, psychedelic hip-hop, jazzy, downtempo, turntable-icious electro funk.  His newest instrumental project entitled "6 Miles from the Kuiper Belt" was released in late 2009, and the full-length vocal album "Settle the Score: The Lumis LP" was released in 2010 (check the albums on the BUY STUFF page).

Lumis has graced stages large and small in some of LA's most infamous venues, sharing the bill with artists such as Slick Rick, Warren G, Akil the MC (Jurassic 5), Sleepy Brown, Ugly Duckling, K-Solo, Zion I, One Block Radius, Bicasso (Living Legends), Prozack Turner, Trek Life, 2Mex, AWOL One, Dirty Walter (Fishbone), and Kid Beyond (the Human Beatboxer).  He regularly performs around LA with members of the LFTB posse and electro-hoppers The BeatJackers.  Additional credits include appearing in commercials for sneaker titans Timberland and Puma, battling a hand-drummer in a children's workout video, placing his songs in several motion pictures, and acting as judge at Guitar Center's annual Spin-Off.

His solo act defies traditional stereotyping, as this b-boy raps and freestyles while he's scratching, simultaneously ripping up the turntables and the microphone.  Lumis commands the stage with a lil' funk, a lil' fusion, and a lotta soul.  So come prepared to throw your L's up!

What does the future hold for Lumis?  Lots of rapping & writing & cutting & producing, more albums released of original vocal material, and, well, surely there are some surprises around the bend!  So stay tuned...

Hard at work in the home studio

With Meg Lee Chin (of Pigface), Seibold (of Hate Dept. & Super Sport), Billie (of Voodou & Super Sport), & Juju Beats (of Perry Farrell's old band) rockin' the crowd at the DNA Lounge in San Fran

INFLUENCES (in no particular order):

Miles Davis, Bob Marley and the Wailers, Jimi Hendrix, De La Soul, Grandmaster Flash, Pete Rock, David Bowie, Steely Dan, Herb Alpert, Terminator X, Prince Paul, Afrika Bambaataa, Rage Against the Machine, Rick James, Run-DMC, The Beatles, Earth Wind & Fire, Nas, Wyclef Jean, Maze & Frankie Beverly, DJ Shadow, Grandmaster Theodore, John Coltrane, DJ Andy Smith, NWA, Kruder & Dorfmeister, Outkast, Prodigy, Eric B. & Rakim, The Doors, Del tha Funky Homosapien, Big Daddy Kane, DJ Red Alert, Cut Chemist, Rick Rubin, Herbie Hancock, Coldcut, Pink Floyd, Eddie Harris, Mary J. Blidge, Notorious B.I.G., & whatever I came across in the 92¢ bin at Record Surplus this week.

Devastatin' Dave (the Turntable Slave), an inspiration to us all!  "He is my mentor, my Yoda, my friend."

three dimensions of sound